Frequently Asked Questions


What is my username?
If you are currently a Welk Owner, your username is the email address associated with your membership. If you’re not yet a Welk Owner, your Experiences by Welk username is the username/email address you used when you initially signed up for your Experiences by Welk account. Click here to recover your username
How do I log in?
Click here to visit the login page. On the login page, type your username and password into the respective fields, then click Log In. Make sure you are using either: the same email address you used when you signed up for your account; or the email address associated with your Welk Ownership. Remember: passwords are case sensitive! If you need to reset your password, see the next question.
I am a Welk Vacation Owner. How do I reset my password?
Click here to reset your password. On the Password Reset page, type in the email address associated with your Experiences by Welk account and click Send. You will soon receive an email from Experiences by Welk, which will include a temporary password. Use the temporary password to log into your account
How do I change my password?
Log in to your Experiences by Welk account click My Account > Manage Account Info > Change Password, and then follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.
Can I book travel for my friends and family?
Experiences by Welk members can add up to five travelers to their account. Friends and family are also encouraged to sign up for a trial membership and gain access to all the same benefits for the length of their trial membership.
I have a question about my Experiences by Welk membership, who should I contact?
If you have questions about your membership, you can email us at
What is the difference between Welk Platinum Points and Welk Reward Credits?
Platinum Points are only available to Welk Resorts Platinum Program Owners and Auditions Members, and can be used to stay at any Welk Resorts property or used to exchange. Welk Reward Credits can only be used on the Experiences by Welk platform to apply towards future purchases. Platinum Points and Welk Reward Credits are not interchangeable.
How long are my Welk Reward Credits valid to use towards purchases?
Welk Reward Credits which are accrued through applicable travel and leisure purchases made on the Experiences by Welk website will expire 30 months after they become active.
Can I add other travelers to my Experiences by Welk membership?
Yes, you’re allowed to add up to five travelers to your account under the My Account section on the platform. Please note that neither the Primary or Secondary Traveler can be deleted from your account.
I’d like to start my 90-day complimentary trial membership – how can I start?
To start your first-time 90-day trial membership, click the sign-up button and fill in all of your personal information to register. An activation email will be sent to the email address you registered with. Click on the Activate button in that email to access the Experiences by Welk platform.
What happens after my 90-day trial expires?
We will offer you the option to purchase a yearly Experiences by Welk Premium membership billing your Payment Method for yearly membership fees at any time during the free trial period of your membership. If you purchase a membership before your 90-day trial expires, we will add a yearly membership to the original 90-day expiration date (i.e. if 20 days remain in 90-day trial, we will add 20 days to the yearly membership; or 385 days). If you wish to purchase a yearly membership after the 90-day trial expires you will have the option to purchase a yearly membership at the current listed price. By using the same login credentials, you used for the 90-day trial membership you will still have access to your same account (Welk Reward Credits, your Reservations, etc.)